Why do you need Travel Insurance?

Planning a trip, booking flights and hotels, making reservations at different attractions-
all these are not cheap, and you have surely invested quite a lot of your money to make
sure that you make the best out of your trip.

For some unpredictable reasons, your trip may be disrupted, and things may go very
wrong… but if you purchase travel insurance, you promise yourself proper and
professional care for many problems that might appear suddenly.

Travel insurance is not a cheap product, whether you have a short business trip, or a
longer voyage that you planned and made many expectations for it. Travel insurance
promises that if something unpredictable happens- you can take care of it in the best
way without having a financial burden.

The need for rescue or evacuation to a hospital and medical attention in case of an
accident, hospitalization expenses in the case of an illness while being abroad, aerial
evacuation to Israel if needed- these are all scenarios that unfortunately happen quite
often and are not covered but the health insurance of the health maintenance

Purchasing travel insurance via "Passportcard" allows you to receive better medical care
by specialists and high quality hospitals. In addition, this insurance covers the possible
expenses involving these cases- a matter that without insurance, you might not be able
to handle financially.

The most significant advantage of “Passportcard”; is that the insured does not need to
pay for any of the insurance matters that may occur from his own pocket- because the
company pays it through the “Passportcard”; credit card!


Insurance for flight cancellation- for any cause

Life is dynamic, and everyone is depended on many variables. Therefore, cancelling a very
well planned trip is not something that we can always control or know about ahead of time.
Nevertheless, such cancellation can be very costly due to high cancellation fees.
Purchasing insurance for flight cancellation for any reason, under the auspices of "Harel
Insurance Company" will cover up to 80% of the costs that will be imposed on you in case
you cancel your flight, even if the reason for the cancellation is not due to a
medical condition.