Dear Employer/Foreign Worker,

We are pleased to offer you our health plan: SAFE STAY+ {Israeli Foreign Workers Health Insurance policy.}These plans are offered under the auspices of the Harel Insurance Company Inc.

The safe stay + policy provides coverage of medical expenses for foreign workers in Israel who hold work permits and have permanent employees. The employer's signature is required in order to issue the policy.

The plus side of the safe and stay+ policy is that it has no co-pay.

Our goal is to provide immediate help and to alleviate confusion should you fall ill in a foreign country.

These policies are designed to meet the requirements of the Interior Ministry for Health Insurance for Foreign Workers in Israel. Policies can be created for a minimum period of 30 days and a maximum period of 5 years.

Harel 'Safe Stay'+ policy

Table of benefits

Hospitalization and general medical services Paid according to Israeli basket of medical services
Emergency psychiatric hospitalization. Up to 60 days
Transfer of body to home country According to the terms of the policy
Return ticket to home country If insured is unable to work for at least 90 days.  
In case of a life threatening surgery/hospitalization that the insured must undergo a ticket for a first kin family member will be paid for in the sum of 1500$
In the case that a family arrives to be with the insured expenses in a hotel will be paid for the maximum of 10 days 40$ per day
Death or permanent disability due to accident According to the terms of the policy

Out patient treatment  
Family doctors, Specialists, out patient services Contracted specialist/doctors laboratories
Pathology, X-rays and diagnostic tests According to the terms of the policy
Ongoing cover for treatment which has not been completed before the end of the insurance period. Additional 90 days

Other benefits  
Prescribed drugs and dressings FULLY COVERED
Emergency dental treatment FULLY COVERED
Emergency ambulance treatment Paid in full (if patients is subsequently hospitalized)
Road accidents Covered by compulsory government insurance
English speaking customer service 24- hours

 * Cover is by surgeons and medical staff that are on duty at the time of Illness/injury.

Exclusions to the policy

  • Psychological services.
  • Genetic testing
  • Nursing care, maternity coverage, fertility treatment and/or treatment related to impotence.
  • Pre existing medical conditions.
  • Road accidents and/or work accidents except as specified in Terms of policy.

* Full 'Safe Stay +' policy description is available upon your request


Safe Stay+: $1.80 per day (up to age 65)*

How the plan works :

Upon registration insurer will be issued a magnetic membership card, which will entitle them to medical care in "klalit" facilities all over the country.


The insurer will not be held responsible for medical payments of any kind other than the co-pay specified above, and therefore will not have to deal with reimbursements from insurance companies abroad. Harel will handle your medical expenses including hospital costs, physicians and surgeons fees, out patient treatment and tests in the efficient and competent manner for which they are famous (subject to the policy terms and conditions). The company will attend to all the small details which could otherwise spoil your stay here.

Should you decide to join our plan we will do our utmost to provide you with the same professional services that over 100,000 insurers have received, until now.

Signing up may be done by two options:

  1. Visiting our office and filling out the appropriate forms together with payment.
  2. Filling out the application + credit for foreign workers online.

Download the application formDownload health declaration form

To the full policy terms-click here

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With best wishes for a happy and healthy stay in Israel!